Thursday, February 07, 2008

Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean

It began with a line of plastic bags ghosting the surface, followed by an ugly tangle of junk: nets and ropes and bottles, motor-oil jugs and cracked bath toys, a mangled tarp. Tires. A traffic cone. Moore could not believe his eyes. Out here in this desolate place, the water was a stew of plastic crap. It was as though someone had taken the pristine seascape of his youth and swapped it for a landfill.

The world's rubbish dump

A "plastic soup" of waste floating in the Pacific Ocean is growing at an alarming rate and now covers an area twice the size of the continental United States, scientists have said.

El desequilibrio de los océanos

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Contact lenses with circuits, lights a possible platform for superhuman vision

Engineers at the University of Washington have for the first time used manufacturing techniques at microscopic scales to combine a flexible, biologically safe contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mercury Flyby

If you want to watch the NASA Messenger spacecraft flyby Mercury in realtime, download Celestia and the Messenger Addon available from the Celestia Motherlode

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stephane Halleux

Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way

A giant cloud of hydrogen gas is racing towards a collision with the Milky Way, astronomers have announced.

Smith's Cloud, as it is known, may set off spectacular fireworks when it smacks into our galaxy in 20-40 million years.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Image Based Search Engine Created

Finding A Whatchamacallit On The Web

VizSeek is one of the first search engines on the Internet to use a photograph, a 2D image, or a 3D model and transform it into a 3D shape. The search can be narrowed with additional information. The image-seeking search engine produces search results in a matter of seconds.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Click to download

Chris Salmon offers a guide to the best music you can find - for free - on the internet.

Cover Freak
Turtle's 78rpm Jukebox
Vinyl Orphanage
Get Your Bootleg On
The "B" side
Amie Street
Garage Hangover
Pitchfork Media
Get On Down With the Stepfather of Soul
Fat Planet
Cocaine Blunts
All About Jazz
La Onda Tropical
Smuggled Sounds
Honey, Where You Been So long?
Lost in the 80s

Source with site reviews

Rally of Dakar cancelled

"The 2008 Rally of Dakar, which was scheduled to start in Portugal's Capital City Lisbon on Saturday, has been cancelled over security concerns in Mauritania where four French tourists were killed last month."

Based on the current international political tension and the murder of four French tourists last 28th of December linked to a branch of Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb, but also and mainly the direct threats launched directly against the race by terrorist organisations, no other decision but the cancellation of the sporting event could be taken by A.S.O.

NCR, VIVOtech Introduce Contactless, Mobile POS Terminals

NCR in partnership with ViVOtech has announced a suite of contactless payment terminals for the point of sale (POS) that 'enable mobile and contactless payment at a variety of customer touch points, including retail checkout, restaurant drive-thru and the diner’s table.'

Majority of phones will support NFC once standards are finalized

New study envisages that in the long term NFC will be a feature supported on the large majority of the phones sold.

NFC Mobile Phones Now in Georgia

"For the first time in Georgia, Peoples Bank has introduced NFC-mobile phones, an innovative alternative to plastic cards."

Live Plasma

Live Plasma is back online and as well as music it now features movies, actors and directors. Well worth a look to find new music and films you might like.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Mayhem

If you have 10 days free to play games then how about going for $30,000 worth of prizes playing Entropia this festive season:

Join the Christmas carnage and compete for a pristine land area south of the scenic New Switzerland. Help the Imperial Government to cull Atrox and Exarosaur herds, and thwart the smuggling Mulaak'f by wiping out as many as possible between Friday December 21 18:00 UTC and January 1 00:00 UTC.

The Government will award 1 point for every Exarosaur killed, 3 points for every Atrox, and 10 points for every Mulaak'f put into an irreversible coma. These points will be awarded regardless of maturity or location on Calypso.

The fierce colonist to have accumulated most points by Jan. 1 00:00 UTC will receive the new land area on Amethera.

The second prize winner will receive a complete Shadow Armor Set, and the third prize winner will receive a large amount of raw materials, with a Trade Terminal value of 10000 PED, for the new Make Up and Material Customization systems.