Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Mayhem

If you have 10 days free to play games then how about going for $30,000 worth of prizes playing Entropia this festive season:

Join the Christmas carnage and compete for a pristine land area south of the scenic New Switzerland. Help the Imperial Government to cull Atrox and Exarosaur herds, and thwart the smuggling Mulaak'f by wiping out as many as possible between Friday December 21 18:00 UTC and January 1 00:00 UTC.

The Government will award 1 point for every Exarosaur killed, 3 points for every Atrox, and 10 points for every Mulaak'f put into an irreversible coma. These points will be awarded regardless of maturity or location on Calypso.

The fierce colonist to have accumulated most points by Jan. 1 00:00 UTC will receive the new land area on Amethera.

The second prize winner will receive a complete Shadow Armor Set, and the third prize winner will receive a large amount of raw materials, with a Trade Terminal value of 10000 PED, for the new Make Up and Material Customization systems.

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