Thursday, May 03, 2007

Zigbee Vs NFC

Zigbee is giving NFC a run for it's money

ZigBee mobile devices include mobile telephones and personal digital assistants with embedded ZigBee technology or using a ZigBee SIM card. These devices act as a mobile terminal and/or as a sensor control device anywhere there is a ZigBee network or ZigBee
access point. Potential applications currently in development include:

* Secure Mobile Payments: Mobile users pay for goods and services by waving handset in front of scanner and entering a pin number

* Information Delivery: Users receive news, downloads, (messages, ring tones, images, etc.), advertisements from network operators or localized information such as weather, traffic updates and movie show times based on their current location or neighborhood

* Health Care Monitoring: Continuously monitored health data is recorded on a handset and transmitted to the patient's doctor. In an emergency situation, such as the absence of patient response or alarming vital signs, the mobile device can be programmed to immediately alert emergency services

* Peer-to-Peer Small Data Sharing: Small files such as ring tones, images, address book contacts and other information provided by telecom operators is shared easily between two ZigBee-enabled mobile devices

Download the full press release: Zigbee Alliance Members Connect With Telecom Market (pdf)

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