Thursday, May 03, 2007

Virtual bank sells for $99,900

Over in Entropia today 5 licences being auctioned for the world's first virtual banks expired with the highest bid at $99,900 going to a currently unknown avatar Yuri.

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs who paid $100,000 for a Virtual Space Resort built upon an Asteroid with a nightclub, multiple hunting areas, a stadium, and a 1000-room hotel was one of the winners of the auction and provided live streaming of the auction from his virtual nightclub. (Once the bidding was over he cued up Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and Money's to Tight to Mention by Simply Red)

Another winner was Baroness Anshe Chung who maybe is the same as the first virtual world millionaire in Second Life.

All told the five licences fetched $403,961:

Bank 1 - 999,000 ped Yuri iNTellect Efremov - $99,900.00
Bank 2 - 950,001 ped Jolana Kitty Brice - $95,000.10
Bank 3 - 900,002 ped Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs - $90,000.20
Bank 4 - 590,608 ped Janus JD D'Arcwire - $59,060.80
Bank 5 - 600,000 ped Baroness Anshe Chung - $60,000.00

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