Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MyMap results in Google Earth

While playing around with Google Earth doing some research for a new blog on Google Earth in Spanish I found that the Google MyMap results are now being displayed in Google Earth.

As you may recall you can create your own set of placemarks in Google Maps using the MyMaps feature.

The default name for a new set of placemarks in MyMaps is My Saved Places, so a start is a quick search for that plus a location in Google Earth which should return a few results to play with.

Next you need to scroll down the results, past the spam and get to the web results.

Choosing one of the results shows the placemark on the map. Note the address points back to the MyMap URL.

Clicking on the link in the placemarks info bubble pulls the whole placemark collection into Google Earth and puts them in My Places|Temporary Places.

You can now view the whole collection in Google Earth. Very neat.

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