Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MNOs, Brands and Media Owners Wake up to Smart Posters

"Glue4 have launched a full personalised Smart Poster service, including handsets, deployment, operation and the analysis of user data, harnessing the untapped potential of mobile and outdoor marketing.

Fully interactive NFC smart posters include a range of advertising media tagged with the next generation of wireless technology. The chip passes information and services to viewers on demand, in this case through their NFC-enabled mobile phone. This could be mobile top-up, handset configuration or fault fixing. In addition, the information could be a link to any partner brand’s product details accessed through the mobile internet or a money-off voucher. Brands could also use the interaction to encourage viewers to vote, buy tickets, pass on information virally etc."

Video of Dr. Neil Garner talking about smart posters, token styles and how the market for innovative applications for RFID tags is just beginning.

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