Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Universal Envelope Identifier - "Smart Stamp" Technology Converges Internet and Mobile Phones with U.S. Postal Mail

"The Append microchip-based 'Smart Stamp' system links supplemental text, audio and video files to envelopes. Elliot Klein of Intellareturn Corp. declared this will one day 'transform how we utilize envelopes and the postal mail.' The Smart Stamp service can be sold as a book of self-adhesive labels or pre-manufactured into envelopes, taking envelope manufacturers into the wireless ecosystem with new business models to store, control and deliver rich-media content.

Using Near-Field Communication Technology ('NFC') and printed conductive ink antennas combined with mobile phones and other wireless reader devices, Append services bring a new intelligent mail 'Smart Stamp'service into the mailstream for adding supplemental text, pictures, audio and video to sent postal mail."

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