Monday, April 30, 2007

Integrate the GPS into a Tiny Sim Card

"Start-up company BlueSky Positioning is set to help mobile operators meet new European Union emergency call legislation, and could also help realise the promise of location-based services (LBS) across the wireless industry. Launching today, BlueSky Positioning new approach incorporates a highly accurate GPS receiver and proprietary antenna into the SIM card."

Following publication of a significantly strengthened EU directive, expected later this year, EU member countries will have just 18 months to implement a law requiring operators to identify the precise location of callers to the E-112 emergency services, potentially to an accuracy level of just a few metres.

Enabling high-accuracy location technology could be an enormous challenge for operators - there are 500 million mobile phone users in the EU. To comply with this legislation would mean a massive handset upgrade programme – a hugely expensive and complicated task.

BlueSky Positioning has developed patent-pending technology and processes to embed Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) capability in the SIM card (USIM in the case of 3G handsets), with minimal impact on signal strength and battery life. This means that operators need only replace the SIM cards, not the phones themselves – a far more manageable solution.

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