Monday, April 23, 2007

Developing Practical Wireless Applications

It seems somewhat paradoxical that we feel obligated to create a new wireless product that will simplify our experience in some part of our business or private life. With a new wireless technology in mind we dutifully begin brainstorming to determine what we will ultimately create. On occasions the direction we take seems to be mired as we quandary over the value added proposition for the consumer. What benefit will it really bring? And, why ultimately should the consumer pick it up from the shelf and place it onto the counter ready for purchase?

A sense of practicality needs to be injected into the whole ‘making wireless products’ process as we choose to drive the future of wireless development forward. In that respect, Developing Practical Wireless Applications will guide the most eager of developer, the most fervent of business analyst, the most enthusiastic product planner and the most politically focused manager through choices in respect of which wireless technology to use. Ultimately, this book will guide you through each technology with an aim to enable you to make an educated choice regarding your would-be wireless product.

Furthermore, you will glean from the subsequent chapters a detailed breakdown of each technology. In some places you will find exposure, right down to the deepest of layers, enabling engineers to understand the inner workings of each technology, whilst intermediate readers will enjoy an understanding of the peripheral discussion surrounding a technology.

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